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Whether it be a dispute between two companies in a breach of contract action or property disputes, the attorneys at Rosenfeld & Vallejo-Juste, LLP have the experience to successfully represent its clients in any commercial litigation matter. They have successfully represented corporations, LLCs, and LLPs in various matters such as: shareholder/member disputes, breach of contract actions, unfair competition disputes, and matters involving alternative dispute resolution. They understand the different burdens placed upon parties in commercial litigation and are skilled at using the law to their client’s advantage.

The attorneys at Rosenfeld & Vallejo-Juste, LLP have provided representation to owners, tenants, and buyers in all commercial real estate matters.  They have substantial experience in negotiating and drafting commercial leases, and closing commercial real estate transactions. When deals go array, they also have substantial commercial real estate litigation experience.  They know the law and how best to protect our client in various situations.

The attorneys at Rosenfeld & Vallejo-Juste, LLP have provided representation to various co-ops and condos throughout New York City. Their attorneys have substantial experience in representing co-ops and condos in various litigation matters. Their attorneys have also represented various sponsors in structuring co-ops and condominiums. The law regarding co-ops and condominiums is highly specialized and different from each other and, at times, from the law governing other types of real and personal property as well. The attorneys at Rosenfeld & Vallejo-Juste, LLP are well versed in these intricacies and can provide highly competent representation to co-ops and condominiums in need of representation.

The attorneys at Rosenfeld & Vallejo-Juste, LLP have handled various commercial litigation matters for various entities, institutions, and individuals involving the various articles of the UCC, specifically, Articles 2, 3, 4, 8, and 9.  Their clients have included commercial lenders, borrowers, corporations, LLCs, LLPs and affluent individuals. When in litigation it is imperative that the client understand what effects the UCC may have on its case.

The attorneys at Rosenfeld & Vallejo-Juste, LLP have both prosecuted and defended corporate dissolutions of various corporations and LLCs.  Their attorneys understand that a corporate dissolution is often a contentious setting requiring vigorous and aggressive representation for its clients. They believe that in order to successfully represent a client in a corporate dissolution proceeding, it is imperative that they not only be vigorous and aggressive in their representation but that they also do so strategically, as they may be able to obtain a better outcome for their clients outside of the courtroom.

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